Adventure Log
Entry No. 2
There might be a slight misunderstanding...
Entry No. 2
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Entry No. 2 was the second Adventure Log comic.


  • Kiro
  • Kazz (first appearance)
  • Unnamed linkshell member
  • GM


Before I set out I met up with a friend of mine. He's been playing a lot longer than I have and wanted to help out.

He gave me a "Link Pearl". It connects me to his group, the "Link Shell"... Some how.

KiroIt's pink!
It's pink!

One of the linkshell members was there too. He didn't speak English though, so I got a crash course in the auto translator.

Kiro<Nice to meet you.>
Member<Mithra> <Equipment> <Can I have it?>
Kiro<Throwing> <Up> <Over there>
And the GMs.

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