Dr. F.G. Hobo
It's a fnuckin' tater.
Aliases Dr. Hobo
Species Formerly: Human
Now: Ghost
Gender Male
Residence Canada
Job Hobo
Friends Leo (pupil)
Likes Beer (especially gin),
Back to the Future,
Dislikes Ghostbusters
First Appearance Oh Canadia

Dr. F.G. Hobo was a homeless, delusional and insane drunkard who believes he was a licensed doctor. He often made Back to the Future references and he often mislead Leo with his moronic wisdom. He froze to death in the streets of Canada (as seen in strip no. 183: Gin City) and returned to be a ghost (as seen in strip 281: GG Guys Guest Comic). This, however, hasn't stopped Leo from contacting him and using his delusional stories. He came back in strip #314


Who you gonna call?

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