Krug not demon, Krug just born from sins and fears of man...
Aliases Dr. van Kruglor
Species Demon
Gender Male?
Residence Formerly: The Underworld
Now: Dark Under Spire
Job Super villain (by night)
Affiliations PantsMan (Nemesis)
Friends Aeris
Leo Leonardo III
Likes Christmas Specials
Dislikes PantsMan (while in costume)
First Appearance [[The Incredible Krug]]

Krug is a large hulking red demon who was once known as the scourge of the underworld and master of the unpleasent but has since been living a lazy lifestyle after having been rejected by Tycho Brahe to be Penny-Arcade's new co-star after its former (Gabe) was killed by an intoxicated squirrel. Krug often speaks in third person. He lives in a large cave, and is Pantsman's nemesis. He cannot afford veal, or as he calls it, suffering.

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