Plink ! is the 380th strip of VG Cats and it can be found here .


Strip 1Edit

Mario running

Strip 2Edit

Mario collects coins

Strip 3Edit

Mario collects coins

Strip 4

Aeris : You're gonna go back and get that coin, right ?

Leo : Huh? Nah.

Strip 5Edit

Aeris: My apologies... seems as though i wasn't clear that this was, in fact...

Strip 6Edit

Aeris: Not a question.  Now... you are going BACK to GET that COIN.

Strip 7Edit

Aeris: Stares at Leo

Strip 8Edit

Aeris: Stares at screen along with Leo.

Strip 9Edit

Mario runs towards coin

Strip 10Edit

Mario immediately stops before getting coin

Strip 11Edit

Mario runs back to collect previous coin

Strip 12Edit

Coin sound plays as Aeris holds Leo's arms which she just ripped off.