Green's Ivysaur
Aliases Bulbasaur
Species Ivysaur
Gender Unknown
Job Pokémon
Affiliations Professor Oak
Friends Green
Dislikes Acts of carnage
First Appearance [[SUPER EFFECTIVE:|']]

Green's Ivysaur is the starter Pokémon Green received from Professor Oak. When she first received it as a Bulbasaur she was enthusiastic about the fact that it had tentacles, implying that she may use Bulbasaur for sexual pleasure family friendly activities. It's first physical appearance was in SUPER EFFECTIVE 38, where it witnessed its master cutting down a field of grass and killing innocent Pokémon with a lawnmower, the act itself left it horrified. It later evolved into an Ivysaur after a large overdose of "drugs".


Ivysaur before it evolved from Bulbasaur.

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