Species Human
Gender Male
Residence Pallet Town
Job Pokémon Trainer
Affiliations Blue,
Professor Oak
Friends Charmander,
His Pidgey
Brock (sort of)
Likes Money,
Dislikes Blue
First Appearance Gender

Red is the main character of Scott Ramsoomair's other comic SUPER EFFECTIVE. He is a young Pokémon Trainer-in-training who is constantly harassed by his rival Blue and struggles with the idiotic NPC's who sometimes hinder his journey. It should also be noted that Red is a silent protagonist.


Beginning the JourneyEdit

Red is first seen in Prof. Oak's lab along with his rival Blue (also known as Douche), where Professor Oak gave them their first Pokémon (Red, a Charmander and Blue, a Squirtle). As soon as they received their Pokémon and their Pokédex they went of into the world to begin their journey and fulfill Oak's life dream of discovering every Pokémon (despite the obvious irresponsibility and danger of sending children out into the world to search for creatures with destructive powers). So Red and his Charmander left the lab and went off to Viridian City to earn his first Gym Badge and collect info on all the Pokémon he'll meet on his journey. Along the way, they saw some Rattatas get brutally eaten and other Rattatas that pulled pranks on Red, but it all payed off when Red finally caught his first wild Pokémon, a Pidgey which would serve as a strong ally on his journey.

First "would-be" Gym BattleEdit

After finally arriving in Viridian City (the location of the first Pokémon Gym), Red is disappointed to find out that the Gym is closed due to being busy with taking over the world buying milk.



Red stole PokéDollar430! Sent some to mom!

  • Red is based off the male protagonist of the original Pokémon Generation I games and his appearance is based on the Generation III version of Red.
  • Unlike in the games where a trainer earns money after beating a trainer, Red knocks out his opponents and steals their money.


You smell like failure... Sweet arousing failure

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