When I heard about the Yugi movie I nearly "flipped"!
Species Galka
Gender Male
Residence Lives with his mother
Job game rater
Friends Aeris (sort of),
Dr. Hobo,
Johnny Evilguy
Family Unknown mother
Likes Yu-Gi-Oh!,
Maj-Eek cards,
Video Games,
Dislikes Bent Cards
First Appearance [[Card Sharks]]

Teranldo is an over-enthusiastic Galkan fanboy who enjoys playing card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic the Gathering. His first appearance is #90, where he is seen playing a card game with Aeris. He appears again in #102 where he attempts to show everyone the fun of partying in Final Fantasy Online, where he fails, and is also presumed that he is beaten up by Aeris when he says "You IZ Hot!" He lives with his mother, as shown in #116, and in the same comic, he states that he is the Duel Master, even though he played a fake card called Pika-Hulkamon (an obvious reference to the Hulk and Pikachu), even though Leo and Aeris were playing a Role Playing board game. He talks in a manner almost similar to the n00bs from #95, except not in 1337. In #292, he is shown to have a blog called Game Stars.

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