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VG Butts is a "Smutty VG Cats Parody" based on VG Cats. It was started on December 16, 2008 by ibengmainee and OrangeBox. But, however was ended July 24th, 2009. But was not described how very well.


It is mainly a mix of partial comedy, and so-called "Hawt Cat-Secks".

VG Butts
Web Site
Launch date December 16, 2008
End date July 24, 2009
Genre Hawt Cat-Secks, Slight Comedy
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VG AdvanceEdit

Eventually, before the ending of the site, VGB started a series called "VG Advance" (sometimes shortened VGA), however, it only had two episodes, then VGB was ended, and the episodes of VGA is no longer viewable on VGB.


On the news section of the Main site of VGB, after the author stated he will end the site, as he is No longer able to run VGB he has posted a "Timer", on the site, as once it reaches 0, the site will disappear. after nearly half a year, the site is now extinct.

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